Mobile TV Stand

Amazing FITUEYES Mobile TV Stand: Enjoy TV Everywhere in Your Home

Mobile TV Stand

Although smartphone apps are common now, watching TV on a phone does not have the relaxation and comfort of a television. If there is a movable stand to hang the TV on, it can be put aside during the day, taking up no space; at night, it can be pulled out for TV viewing. FITUEYES mobile TV stand on wheels is sturdy, with high weight capacity and adjustable height.

Introduction of fitueyes mobile TV stand on wheels

Looking at it from the front, the top of the pillar is rectangular, with four mounting holes and the FITUEYES logo on them. Insert two crossbars into the back of the bracket, align the screw holes. Put the protective rods on both sides and secure them with screws. In the middle of the front is fixed with four screws.

This mobile TV stand can support various bracket hole distances and is very flexible. Choose the appropriate washer, and fix the hanging strip to the back of the TV. This mobile TV stand is equipped with M6 and M8 diameter bolts, each with two different lengths. At the same time, there are two different height washers, so it can fit flat screens and curved screens.

At the back of the column, there is a hole on both the top and bottom, where a white cable tie can be inserted. In the middle, a universal sticker is attached for cable-management. 

Advantages of fitueyes mobile TV stand on wheels

The FITUEYES mobile TV stand on wheels is very easy to push and can be easily placed in any inconspicuous place in the house. When you need it, just push it out. The wheels are well lubricated and make very minor noise, so you won't disturb your neighbors even if you push it at night.

You can push the TV to the bed, simple and easy, and closer, making the TV look even bigger. It's really cool to watch TV when relaxing. Even in a room full of wardrobes, you can still push it over and watch TV without disturbing your family, killing two birds with one stone.

FITUEYES mobile TV stand on wheels can hold up 60KG and support TVs up to 75 inches. After using the bracket, the space seems to be suddenly spacious. At the same time, the height of the TV is also raised, so you no longer have to look down to watch TV, which is more comfortable.

A 55-inch TV is much larger than a 32-inch one, but thanks to this mobile TV stand, it can still be pushed into the bedroom and placed in front of the bed. Since it is closer, the visual effect of the TV is much larger, giving a feeling of fullness. Watching TV up close in bed gives you an imperial feeling, which is super awesome!

The FITUEYES mobile TV stand on wheels is extremely portable and allows you to watch TV anywhere in your home, focusing on the progress of the World Cup while you work, or listening to/watching interesting TV dramas. This mobile TV stand comes in white and black, and with a storage shelf in the middle.