Mobile TV Mount

Does the Mobile TV Stand Work?

Does the Mobile TV Stand Work?

The TV stand is used to hang the TV on the wall, but there is also a mobile TV stand, which is also called a mobile TV cart, which is suitable for remote video conferences, shopping malls for information display and other fields. The mobile TV mount can be easily moved in multiple directions, and the visual angle and position can be adjusted as needed, but it also has disadvantages such as high price and easy to cause solder joints in the circuit components of the TV. Many video conferencing uses mobile TV stands. When purchasing, you must first determine the size, material and other parameters of the TV, and pay attention to the price and safety certification of the TV stand product. Let's take a look at the mobile TV stand.

The mobile TV mount is economical and durable

The mobile TV mount, also known as the mobile TV cart, is a TV stand in the form of a cart. It is mainly developed for large-sized heavy-duty monitors. So is this mobile TV mount good?

The mobile TV mount has a solid structure and is easy to install. It can be equipped with spare parts around the TV and camera placement equipment. This movable TV stand conforms to ergonomics, can be easily moved in multiple directions, and the visual angle and position can be adjusted as needed to achieve the desired visual effect. The mobile TV stand is mainly prepared for remote video conferences. It can easily move the TV to various conference rooms and save conference costs.

Generally speaking, the mobile TV stand is still relatively easy to use, especially for large and medium-sized enterprise video conferencing, exhibition hall display, and reception at the front desk. Some large shopping malls can also use the mobile TV stand for information activity display, which is very convenient.

What should be paid attention to when choosing mobile TV mount?

With the development of cloud technology, remote video conferencing is becoming more and more common, and many companies use TVs as video conferencing tools. However, considering the cost, it would be too wasteful to install a TV in each meeting room, so you will choose to buy a mobile TV mount. When choosing a mobile TV mount, pay attention to:

1. Determine the size, material, net weight, hole distance and other parameters of the TV. Only after confirming these data can you choose a mobile TV cart with suitable specifications.

2. Pay attention to the safety certification of the product. When purchasing, you should ask the merchant for the inspection report and related certificates of the product. Generally, the American four-fold load-bearing safety certification or the German three-fold load-bearing safety certification is better.

 3. The issue of cost also needs to be considered. In addition to the price of the mobile TV mount itself, you must also pay attention to the installation cost. The installation cost varies according to the size of the TV. Be careful not to be deceived.