Let You Fully Understand the TV Bracket in 1 Minute

Let You Fully Understand the TV Bracket in 1 Minute

With the increasing popularity of flat-panel TVs, TVs can be seen in almost every household, and all kinds of TVs can be seen in public places such as offices, conference rooms, waiting halls, airports, etc. Various TV stands and monitor brackets are also entering the market. To our business, it provides great convenience for our work and life. As a professional TV monitor stand manufacturer and solution provider, FITUEYES stand provides the most comprehensive and detailed stand product system, hoping to provide some help for your healthy life.


TV stand is not as simple as you think

The brands and models of TVs are all-encompassing, and the related bracket types derived from them are too numerous to enumerate! The application scene of the TV determines the display form of the TV, such as the living room, bedroom, and dining room at home, and the meeting room and office in the work scene. Different scenarios require different bracket solutions. For this reason, TV Bracket has gradually evolved into four categories: floor stand, desktop stand (that is, the conventional TV base), top stand hanger, and wall stand.


Floor TV stands are divided into three types: fixed floor, electric floor, and floor mobile TV stands

1. Fixed floor TV stand: It is mostly used in large-scale living room villas in hotel clubs, etc.

2. mobile TV mount (divided into single-screen and multi-screen mounts).

The floor-standing TV stand is an independent TV stand that can be moved. It does not need to be drilled on the wall, and the height can be adjusted. It also has wheels and can rotate 360°. The TV screen can be oriented in any direction. The first is the problem of appearance. Most of the floor-standing TV stands on the market are commercial, so the designs are relatively bulky black commercial floor-standing TV stands, which have low appearance and are too bulky to move. It's not suitable to put this kind of labor at home.

The mobile TV mount is good-looking and does not take up much space. The shelf is stable and stable, which is more suitable for home use. The product can be adapted to large-size TVs of 75-100 inches, and the wheels make it easier to move. The quality and adaptation to the TV are very good. 

3. Top hanger: It can be divided into double-screen and multi-screen hangers, which are mostly used for window display of restaurants, snacks, etc. in shopping malls.


3. The TV stand on the wall can be divided into fixed and non-adjustable brackets, adjustable elevation angle brackets, and swinging brackets

1. The fixed non-adjustable bracket has few functions and the lowest price.

2. Adjustable elevation bracket

The function is upgraded on the basis of the fixed non-adjustable bracket, and different degrees of elevation angle adjustment are added to meet the viewing needs of different height viewing angles.

3. Swing frame: hot product for home office

Advantages: This TV stand is composed of a cantilever, and the angle can be adjusted at will. It is characterized by multiple viewing angles. The living room, dining room, and balcony can all meet the viewing needs, and one TV can play the role of multiple sets.

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