Mobile TV Mounts Are Indispensable

Mobile TV Mounts

People's inherent thinking is that the TV must be placed on the TV cabinet or hung on the wall. It is really a big project to move the TV. But in this era of technology, there are only things we can't think of, but technology can't do anything. Now there is such a TV mount, which can move the TV at home, so that the TV is no longer limited to the wall of the living room, and the TV can be moved as you like.

When lying in the bedroom, move it to the bed in the bedroom, and when lying on the sofa, move it to the coffee table. In addition to being at home, its mobility is very convenient in the workplace or outdoors, so let's take a look at the benefits of a removable TV mount.

The mobile TV mount can be adjusted to save space

Suitable for mobile TV mounts of 32-70 inches, the bracket is compatible with almost most brands of TVs on the market. No matter what brand of TV, you only need to fix the two hooks on the TV, and then install it on the connecting plate of the TV stand. The screws are all matched, even the tools are very complete, and the overall assembly is also very convenient. And its stable structure adopts a one-piece large base, and the two supporting columns are also thickened to make it more solid and stable. At the bottom of the shelf are 4 360° universal wheels, which are convenient and silent to move. In addition, it occupies less than 1 square meter, which is very space-saving.

The mobile TV mount is more stable

If you want to carry a heavier TV, then TV mount must be recommended to you. The upgraded TV stand has a thickened integrated base, which makes the TV stand more stable. Moreover, a liftable pallet is added under the TV where it is installed, and this pallet can place equipment connected to the TV. The TV stand is still more suitable for commercial use. It is very suitable for conference speeches and live lectures. A good TV stand is one that can bend and stretch.

Aluminum alloy material of mobile TV mount

If the above is not enough for you who pursue perfection, the main body of the TV stand made of pure aluminum alloy is made of aluminum alloy, which has good load bearing and is more beautiful at the same time. There are many other lifting functions, moving functions, and small pallet configurations. The most powerful thing is that it is also equipped with a camera on the top, which makes it more versatile.

TVs need to be connected to the power supply. The TV mount takes care of the problem of wiring. There are outlets on the columns, so that the messy wires can be well hidden. In short, the TV stand is a very good choice for commercial use and home use, so hurry up if you like it!