Small and flexible, have you used portable tv trolley?

portable TV trolley

With the popularity of smart phones, tablets and other devices in business applications, when it comes to business office, the office location is no longer so important. With the successful integration of the combination of "smart terminal + video conferencing", the new era of smart office is not far away.

The emergence of portable TV trolley

In today's era of advanced networks, the conditions for telecommuting are very mature. Technology is no longer a problem in the promotion of telecommuting. For example, everyone can install LCD TVs and other terminals through the video conferencing portable TV trolley, and can hold remote video conferences, transfer files, and conduct group discussions at any time and any place. Most importantly, it is extremely private.

The video conferencing portable TV trolley is equipped with an integrally formed large panel with multiple holes and large bearing capacity, which can meet the installation requirements of multiple models of 32-65-inch TVs. Its hidden harness design also allows users to carry it more comfortably in conference rooms, offices, home or on the go, enjoying high-quality video, audio and content sharing experience.

FITUEYES mobile TV cart has become the darling of video conferencing

Now many companies are trying remote methods, and cleverly use the characteristics of not being on duty or traveling to attract outstanding talents. While greatly improving work efficiency, they also give employees better benefits and a relaxed working state. Such a timely and efficient office method is one of the future directions of office development. Keeping up with the development of the times, you need to use smarter office equipment—— FITUEYES mobile TV cart.

Compared with simple teleconferencing and instant messaging tools, FITUEYES mobile TV cart can gather more people for conferences, making use of the existing network environment and computer equipment conditions to make it possible for enterprises to hold high-definition video conferences based on the network. After using the video conferencing trolley, users can quickly initiate/join a meeting by accessing the network, which not only saves the manpower and material cost of organizing the meeting, but also greatly improves the efficiency of the meeting.

In the new era of smart office, FITUEYES mobile TV cart only occupies less than 1m² of space, and the wheel design makes people's remote communication no longer limited by location and distance. Through intelligent terminal equipment, communication will become extremely simple. In addition, the FITUEYES mobile TV cart can also be adjusted up and down, the pressing height of the marbles can be adjusted as you like, and you can start the journey of "remote communication" with a light touch of your fingertips. Under this trend, based on the visualization solution of smart terminals, video conferencing carts will surely become the "darling" of the new era.

FITUEYES mobile TV cart can also be used in home life scenes due to its compact and flexible design. If you don't want to punch holes in the wall, and you don't think it's safe to put the TV on the TV cabinet, you can choose a video conferencing cart. The video conferencing trolley has passed the rigorous testing and certification in Europe, America and other countries, and the integrated large base is stable and bearable, further improving the safety of home use.

I believe that in the future, video conference carts will surely become the trend of video conference communication. Moreover, all FITUEYES mobile TV cart products have super high cost performance, which fully meets the deployment budget of enterprises. In terms of price and practicality, the video conferencing trolley is a "communication without boundaries" video conferencing product worth buying.