To create a study-style living room, it is very good to use a mobile floor TV mount stand!

Floor TV Mount Stand

When it comes to home appliances in the living room, the most inseparable thing is the TV. How to install the TV after buying it? Should it be wall-mounted or placed on the TV cabinet?

After reading this article, you don't need to worry about buying a TV cabinet or wall-mounting it. You don't want to leave holes on the wall and don't want to take up too much space. The perfect solution is to equip a mobile floor TV mount stand! Of course, if you also want to build a study living room, then the mobile floor TV mount stand is a must-have option!

The mobile floor TV mount stand has advantages compared with the rack

Regarding wall mounting, many TVs have design problems. When hanging on the wall, it is particularly troublesome to occasionally plug in and unplug a cable or plug in a USB to watch movies. Even if you change the cable that can be extended and changed the angle, due to the increasing weight of the TV, it is difficult for ordinary walls to bear such a huge weight. After a long time, the deformation of the rack is inevitable, not to mention the quality of the wall on which the TV is hung, no one can say for sure.

With the continuous development of technology, the current mobile floor TV mount stand is good for TVs of various sizes, and because of its reasonable mechanical structure design, its stability is also completely OK, so there is basically no need to worry about falling, problems such as deformation.

Floor TV mount stand creates a learning living room

At present, many families are gradually building study-style living rooms, and more and more families are gradually phasing out coffee tables and TV cabinets from the living room, replacing them with bookcases and desks. However, if there are children and the elderly at home, it is impractical not to buy a TV. Although the TV is rarely watched, it is just needed after all, and the mobile floor TV mount stand can solve this problem very well.

Its excellent flexibility makes it unnecessary for us to buy a TV in every room. You can usually put the TV in any corner of the living room to watch some family programs or play cartoons for your children. When parents come, they can pull the TV into their bedroom. Occasionally, when you want to watch TV, you can also put the corner TV stand in the master bedroom, lie on the bed, watch movies or play games all night. I personally think that mobile floor TV mount stand will become the trend in the future.

The difference in the height of the TV has a great impact on the comfort of watching movies. If the TV is hung too low, watching TV with the head down for a long time will easily cause cervical spine protrusion; if the TV is hung too high, watching TV with the head up for a long time will also be very uncomfortable. Therefore, the height of the TV must be suitable for people of different heights. As a mobile floor TV mount stand, the height of the TV can be adjusted up and down, and the distance from the TV to the ground can be adjusted arbitrarily between 60-90cm. Compared with the low height of the TV cabinet, the fixation of the wall-mounted bracket is not adjustable. This function can be said to be very user-friendly and meets the needs of people of all ages.