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Eiffel Series 43-75 Inch


Future Scenarios

FITUEYES design team has been using "future scenarios" to define the design direction of products.

In terms of structure and function, it strengthens the extensibility of use and compatibility of future audio-visual equipment for modern audio-visual and office electronic equipment.

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Powerful Flexibility.



The center of the TV should line up with your eyes when you are seated on your sofa.

1.Measure from the floor to your eye level while seated.

2.Then measure the height of the TV from the base to the top.

3.Subtract half the height of the TV from your seated height to find the right height for your TV stand.

Mounting a TV can be as quick and easy as brewing a cup of Joe, but it can feel as complex as a triple mochaccino. The process involves putting four bolts in the wall to hold a bracket, hanging the TV on it, and … well, that’s it. Well, you’re done. Simple, right?

A fixed mount  is great for a customer’s basic needs. If you plan to keep your TV in one position, a fixed mount is perfect for you. They will sit flush against your wall and are easy to install.

A tilt mount is useful if you are installing in an area above eye level, such as above a fireplace. You will be able to tilt your TV downward to avoid straining your neck to see the screen. Tilt options also help with glare from windows or lamps.

A full motion mount is ideal for versatile use. You’ll be able to extend, swivel and tilt your TV for different viewing positions in different areas of your room. Being able to to extend your TV forward also helps with cable management and accessing the back of your TV.

If you decide to place your TV in the corner, you can buy our  Eiffel Tower art TV stand.No drills at all, wonderfully decorated for your room and stable support your lovely 43 "to 75" TV.

When choosing the right size of media stand is that it should be at least a few inches (if not feet) wider than the base of your TV. This gives your TV plenty of clearance to comfortably sit on top and helps your media set up look more visually balanced.



Highly appropriate!Went together well. No missing parts. Nobent parts to struggle with!

Los Angeles, CA

Beautiful looking tv stand and sleek design and strong structure makes it worth the money!

Kemal Meredov
New York

Brilliant kit, really impressed.Super sturdy, great fluidmovement and no more bad back! 

Boston, MA

Got this so I can vary my position for homeworking as sitting too much! 

Frenchtown, NJ

Can’t go wrong with this DESK!!! love that it holds all of my work stuff.

Monica Marshall
East Hampton, NY

Fabulous TV Stand! Swivel works great. It moves easily and smoothly.

Laura DeSiato

Very impressed with this item and would recommend it withouthesitation!

New Haven, CT