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Eiffel Series
Corner TV Stand | For 43-75 Inch
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FITUEYES Floor TV Stand Eiffel Series 75-100 Inchfloor tv stand for 75 inch tv
Eiffel Series
TV Stand | For 75-100 Inch
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#Color_Whisper White#Color_Whisper White
Picasso Series
TV Stand | For 65-88 Inch
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Noble Luxury
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Master Series
Small TV Stand | For 32-60 Inch
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Collector Series
Rolling TV Stand | For 46-65 Inch
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Corner PlacementEasel Frame
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Eiffel Series Collection
TV Stand | For 32-100 Inch
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Colorful ChoiceWheels AttachedSave $10.00
#color_green pine#color_green pine
Collector Series
Rolling TV Stand | For 55-78 Inch
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Wheels Attached
Noble Luxury
#color_light oak#color_light oak
LED LightSave $10.00
#color_black with rgb#color_black with rgb
Eiffel Series
LED Light | For 43-75 Inch
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TableTop Craftsmanship
table top tv standled tv table stand
High SatisfactionSold out
natural wood tv standzen tv stand
Iron Base Large Swivel Stand Series InchIron Base Large Swivel Stand Series Inch
Iron Base Swivel Floor Stand Series InchIron Base Swivel Floor Stand Series Inch
Floor Swivel Stand Two Shelves Classic Series InchFloor Swivel Stand Two Shelves Classic Series Inch
Iron Base Floor Stand Two Shelves Series InchIron Base Floor Stand Two Shelves Series Inch


TV Stands

Television has become an increasingly important part of our lives and homes. Not only is it a source of entertainment, but it can also be a tool for work and communication. As such, it is important to have a TV stand that meets your needs and reflects your style. FITUEYES offers a wide selection of floor stand TV mount to fit any space and style. Whether you’re looking for a universal TV stand, a swivel TV stand, a corner TV stand, or a rolling TV stand with height and swivel adjustability, FITUEYES has you covered. We also have tabletop TV stands, units with a swivel TV base, units with an additional adjustable shelf for your media console, and some even come with storage space to hide other TV accessories and cords. Many of our adjustable TV stands come with lockable wheels and corner design allowing you to build any space you want. At FITUEYES, we integrate artistically designed TV stands into interior design, to create an aesthetically pleasant home for you.

What are the latest trends in TV stands?

The latest trends in TV stands emphasize modern design, functionality, and sustainability. The use of clean lines, minimalist styles, and natural materials such as wood and metal are becoming increasingly popular. Additionally, cable management systems, built-in sound systems, and smart features such as voice control are becoming more common. Consumers are also seeking eco-friendly TV stands made from sustainable materials and featuring energy-efficient lighting. Overall, the latest trends in TV stands focus on creating a sleek and unobtrusive look while providing functionality and reducing environmental impact.

What are the best TV stands for large screen TVs?

Choosing the best TV stand for a large screen TV requires careful consideration of factors such as stability, weight capacity, and design. Popular options include the FITUEYES Floor TV Stand Eiffel Series 75-100 Inch, which has a sturdy metal frame and tempered glass shelves, and the Sonax B-101-RBT Bromley TV Stand, which can hold TVs up to 80 inches and has ample storage space. The Ameriwood Home Carson TV Stand is another great choice, offering a modern design with multiple shelves and cabinets. For versatility, the Whalen Payton Brown Cherry 3-in-1 Flat Panel TV Stand can be used as a tabletop, wall mount, or as a swinging floater. Those who prefer a rustic farmhouse design may appreciate the Walker Edison Furniture Company Farmhouse Barn Door TV Stand, the corner tv stand with mount can hold TVs up to 80 inches and has sliding barn doors and plenty of storage space.

What are the best Universal TV stands for small spaces?

Choosing the right TV stand for small spaces is essential to make the most of limited living areas. Popular options for small spaces include the FITUEYES Eiffel 32-65, which is designed for floor tv stand use and can support TVs up to 65 inches, and the Prepac Altus Plus Floating TV Stand, which is wall-mounted and features ample storage space for media components. The Winsome Wood Zena Media/Entertainment Espresso TV Stand is another great choice, with a simple modern design that can hold TVs up to 37 inches. For those looking for a slim and simple tabletop stand, the TAVR Universal Table Top TV Stand is perfect and can hold TVs up to 50 inches. Finally, the Walker Edison Furniture Company Minimal Farmhouse Wood Universal Stand has an open shelving system that is ideal for small spaces, and can hold TVs up to 48 inches.

How do I choose the right TV stand for my home decor?

To choose a TV stand that complements your home decor, consider factors such as material, color, style, and size. The material of the TV stand should match the style of your home decor. Opt for a color that complements the color scheme of your living room, whether you choose a bold color to make a statement or a neutral color to blend seamlessly into the decor. The style of the floor TV stand should match the overall style of your home decor, whether it be rustic or modern. Ensure that the size of the TV stand is proportionate to the size of your TV and the space it occupies in the living room, so it does not overwhelm or get lost in the room.

What are the most popular materials used in TV stands?

TV stands are available in a range of materials to suit different styles and preferences. Wood is a popular material that provides durability, strength, and a classic look. Glass is a great option for those who prefer a modern and sleek design, while metal stands are durable and provide a contemporary look. Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is a versatile and affordable material that can be finished to look like wood, and particleboard is a common and affordable option for TV stands. These materials each offer their unique benefits and aesthetics for TV stands.

What are the most important features to look for when shopping for TV stands?

When shopping for a TV stand, consider the size of your TV, the material of the stand, the storage space available, cable management features, mobility options, and ease of assembly. The size of the stand should match the size of your TV and be able to hold its weight. The material should match your home decor and be durable enough to support the TV. Storage space should be sufficient to accommodate all your media components. Cable management features can help keep your cables organized and out of sight. Mobility options such as wheels or a swivel mount can provide flexibility in positioning your TV. Choose a TV stand that is easy to assemble and comes with clear instructions.

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