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How to Choose the Best TV Stand? - Expert Guide

How To Choose The Best TV Stand? - Expert's Guide

Customers often face a dilemma when purchasing a TV stand, struggling to find one that meets their requirements and complements their style. That's where the FITUEYES Buyer Guide steps in to help you make the right choice. We provide essential knowledge about TV stands and help you clarify your needs, enabling you to make an informed decision.

Why Buy a TV Stand?

A TV stand is a versatile piece of equipment that can either support your TV vertically or attach it to the wall. There are various sub-categories, including TV Wall Mounts, Floor TV Stands, Top Table Universal TV Stands, and TV Carts, each serving different purposes. The decision to invest in a TV stand hinges on personal preferences and requirements. Here are some common reasons for purchasing one:

Here are some common purchase reasons:

  1. Increase aesthetic appeal: TV stands with a visually pleasing design can seamlessly integrate into interior decor and add an element of exquisite taste to your living space. Many people view TV stands as decorative pieces in their homes.
  2. TV Safety: The risk of TV tip-overs, especially in households with children and pets, is a significant concern. A professionally designed TV stand constructed from sturdy materials can eliminate this risk by undergoing rigorous load-bearing tests, ensuring the TV remains securely in place.
  3. Space Saving: Placing your TV on a stand can free up valuable table space. Many TV stands also offer extra storage space for audio-video equipment. Moreover, if you choose a wall-mounted TV stand, it takes up very little space.
  4. Better view experience: A well-designed TV stand ensures a comfortable viewing angle for people of all heights, enhancing the overall viewing experience.
  5. Other commercial uses: Some TV stands are mobile and versatile, making them suitable for displaying products and pictures in business settings, such as shopping malls and exhibition halls.


Concerns about the cost of a TV stand, both in terms of money and time, are common. However, purchasing a TV stand is a worthwhile investment. When you choose reliable brands like FITUEYES, you acquire durable equipment that can last a lifetime. FITUEYES invests more than 2000 hours in the development of each TV stand to ensure high-quality products. When you break down this cost over time, it's equivalent to the price of a piece of candy, offering long-term physical and mental benefits.

FITUEYES is a professional TV stand manufacturer and seller, offering cost-effective options compared to other brands. For example, the FITUEYES Floor TV Stand Eiffel Tower Series is priced at only $203. In terms of service, FITUEYES provides a 2-year product guarantee, and our customer service team is always ready to address your questions and concerns. Additionally, if you require a replacement part, we will send it to you at no extra cost. Concerns about time are also addressed, as FITUEYES maintains US and Canada-based warehouses and offers free shipping, with delivery typically taking 3-5 working days. Each product package includes professional assembly instructions to guide you through the TV stand assembly process.

How to Choose a Suitable TV Stand?

Not all TV stands are created equal, and selecting the ideal one requires careful consideration. To begin, you must determine the key features you are looking for, some of which depend on your TV's specifications:

  1. TV Size — FITUEYES TV stands are suitable for TVs ranging from 32 to 100 inches.
  2. Weight Capacity — Consider how much weight the TV stand can support. FITUEYES TV stands have a weight capacity of up to 143 lbs.
  3. VESA Interface Standard — This standard defines the distance in millimeters between the four mounting holes on the back of a TV. FITUEYES offers VESA specifications such as 400x400 and 600x400.
  4. Materials — The materials used in a TV stand often determine its stability. Most FITUEYES TV stands feature a steel-wood hybrid structure, and some include tempered glass components, ensuring sturdiness and durability.

Beyond these basic considerations, various TV stands offer different functions. FITUEYES products are distinguished by their exceptional functionality:

1.Mobility — Some TV stands are equipped with heavy casters, allowing for easy mobility. Examples include the FITUEYES TV Cart and the FITUEYES Floor TV Stand Eiffel Series.


2.Extra Storage Space — Many TV stands come with shelves and additional storage space for audio-video equipment. Most FITUEYES Floor TV stands offer this feature.

Extra Storage Space

3.Height/Swivel Range Adjustment — FITUEYES TV stands allow for comfortable viewing angle adjustments, catering to viewers of all heights.

Height/Swivel Range Adjustment

4.Cable Management — Thoughtful cable management keeps the TV stand looking tidy. For instance, the well-designed back of the FITUEYES Eiffel Series allows you to organize small items, wires, and outlets. We offer three back colors to suit your mood.

Cable Management

5.Safety — Some FITUEYES TV stands feature plastic connections at the joints of the steel pipe to protect users from sharp edges.


In addition to these aspects, many people value the decorative aspects of TV stands in interior design. FITUEYES designers invest significant time in research and development, seeking inspiration from various sources to integrate into product design, resulting in TV stands with enhanced artistic and ornamental value.


These efforts let Fitueyes TV stands have more artistic and ornamental value.


What Kind of User You Are?

For home

  1. Game/Movieholic — If you frequently watch films or play games, consider a FITUEYES TV stand with extra storage space for DVDs and gaming consoles.
  2. Home Theatre Builder — If you're building a home theater, explore TV stands suitable for larger TVs.
  3. Home office builder — For remote business meetings at home, the FITUEYES TV Cart offers flexibility for changing occasions.
  4. Live alone — Opt for a TV stand with casters, allowing you to use it for relaxation in both the bedroom and living room.
  5. Live with families or friends — Choose a TV stand with adjustable height and swivel range to accommodate everyone's viewing comfort.

For Business

Display Needs: If you require displays for videos and pictures in business settings, such as shopping malls and exhibition halls, consider the FITUEYES TV cart, which offers easy mobility.


Selecting the right TV stand can enhance your living space, improve your viewing experience, and complement your lifestyle. FITUEYES is here to assist you in making the perfect choice.