Meet the Creative Minds: The Designers Behind FITUEYES

Meet the Creative Minds: The Designers Behind FITUEYES

Meet the talented designers who bring FITUEYES products to life:

Who's Behind FITUEYES?


Giulio: Giulio is an industrial design enthusiast who studied in Tokyo. He joined FITUEYES in 2019 as a senior TV stand designer. He's the creative mind behind the Fitueyes Eiffel Series. Beyond his design work, Giulio is a stylish young man with a passion for collecting unique clothes and shoes. He's a Marvel movie fanatic and often daydreams about becoming a superhero. Giulio has an elegant British Shorthair cat, and he finds joy in watching movies on a comfortable sofa while petting his feline companion.

Max: With nearly a decade of experience in the industry, Max holds an industrial design degree and has worked as a home appliance designer and ergonomic designer in various cities. When he's not coming up with brilliant design ideas, Max enjoys watching fantasy movies and spending time with his dog. He's a devoted meat enthusiast and believes no meal is complete without meat. Max is known for his easygoing and warm-hearted personality, making him a favorite among colleagues at FITUEYES.

Bingo: Bingo's childhood dream of being a creator came true at FITUEYES, where he serves as a TV stand designer. He takes pride in the Fitueyes Master Series as one of his standout creations. Outside of his design work, Bingo has a passion for crafting and spends his spare time creating items like rings from copper nuts. He has a sweet tooth, loves the color red, and enjoys fiction with elements of magic realism. Bingo also has a collection of turtles and finds relaxation in observing them slowly crawling and basking in the sun.

Betsy: Betsy joined FITUEYES in 2020 as an ergonomic product designer. She's recognized by her big eyes and brown curly hair. Black is her favorite color. Betsy thrives on unrestricted imagination and draws inspiration from the beauty of nature. She loves to travel and explore different places to gather design inspirations. When not immersed in work, Betsy is a skilled cook, known for her delicious dishes (though her cats, JoJo and Tiger, prefer canned food). She's also a travel expert, always ready to recommend the best places to eat and explore.

These talented designers play a vital role in shaping FITUEYES products and ensuring they meet the brand's commitment to quality and aesthetics.


Behind every FITUEYES product, there's a dedicated team of designers with unique passions and talents. Their creativity and commitment shine through in each innovative design, making FITUEYES a brand you can trust.