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Exploring the Convenience of Rolling TV Stands: Enhancing TV Placement

Exploring the Convenience of Rolling TV Stands: Enhancing TV Placement

In recent years, an increasing number of young homeowners have opted for TV stands over traditional TV cabinets when decorating their houses. Rolling TV stands offer a strong sense of design, customization options, a smaller footprint, and the advantage of mobility, allowing for more flexible TV placement. Let's delve into the unboxing, installation, and overall experience of the FITUEYES rolling TV stand:

Unboxing the FITUEYES Rolling TV Stand

  • The packaging is simple yet effective, featuring the brand and product style. Upon opening the box, you'll find neatly organized components. The seller has even included a foam box to safeguard the TV stand parts during transit.
  • Each component is carefully packaged, and the seller has provided the necessary installation tools, which are clearly labeled for easy identification. There are two series of this TV stand: the simple version and the premium version, both available in black and white.


Installation Process

  • The installation process is straightforward. By referring to the manual or searching for installation videos of the same model online, you can easily complete the assembly in around ten minutes.
  • Start by attaching the four universal wheels to the base using screws. There are a total of 16 screws required for this step. The universal wheels are exceptionally smooth, offering stability and ease of use. The base itself is constructed from environmentally friendly high-density board, which is both thick and sturdy, with no unpleasant odors. Three holes on the base allow the bolts to secure the lower end of the bracket, ensuring a strong connection.
  • Metal hanging bars are included and serve to distinguish between left and right during installation. They are attached to the back of the TV using screws. The upper end of the hanging bar features a hole design, while the lower end has a strip design, corresponding to measurements on the TV stand. The seller provides various types of screws for fixation, allowing you to choose based on your TV model (ranging from 32 to 75 inches).
  • The primary bracket, made of steel with a plastic-sprayed surface, requires installation next. This bracket offers three sets of holes, allowing you to select the appropriate hole position based on your TV's size and your viewing preferences. The TV's height with the highest hole position from the ground is 1470mm, while the lowest hole position is 1270mm. Adjusting the height is simple; just loosen and tighten the bolts as needed. Two beams are used to install the upper-end components and to hang the TV. These beams are threaded through the mounting holes on top and secured with four screws.

FITUEYES Rolling TV Stand Experience

  • The decision to purchase the FITUEYES rolling TV stand was primarily to cater to the child's desire for their TV set. After enrolling in dance class, the child needed to practice dance moves regularly. With this TV, the child can conveniently review dance routines without distraction in the computer room.
  • The TV stand has effectively resolved a common daily issue in the household. Previously, the child and their father would debate in the living room about whether to watch cartoons or news broadcasts after a meal, leading to unnecessary tension. However, with the rolling TV stand, the unused TV in the basement became exclusively available to the child, leaving everyone satisfied.
  • The child even took the initiative to move the TV stand to the bedroom after watching cartoons to focus on homework. Surprisingly, even a six-year-old can effortlessly relocate this TV stand, making it incredibly user-friendly.


In summary, the FITUEYES rolling TV stand offers a practical and convenient solution for TV placement. Its ease of installation and mobility make it an excellent addition to any household, enhancing the viewing experience and resolving conflicts over TV usage. Whether for work, play, or study, this TV stand provides the flexibility and convenience that modern homes need.