Introduction to FITUEYES Master Floor TV Stand

Introduction to FITUEYES Master Floor TV Stand

Host: Very happy to have you today, please do a quick self-introduction.

Giulio Wu: Hi, very nice to meet you. My name is Giulio Wu, designer of FITUEYES Master Series. I have been working for FITUEYES since 2019, and I am responsible for the research and development of FITUEYES' TV stands.

Host: Your new work, Master Floor TV Stand, is coming soon in FITUEYES online store. Can you do a brief introduction of this product?

Giulio Wu: Sure. This TV stand is suitable for 32-60inch TVs. Its base is a perfect combination of marble and tempered glass, sturdy and beautiful, which showcases the exquisite sense of modern life rituals.

Host: It looks pretty and well-designed. What is your design inspiration? Is there a background story?

Giulio Wu: Good question. Different textures represent different characters, like wood represents nature, leather represents luxury. In order to find the suitable material to convey our brand character, we visited many places. Fortunately, I got inspirations at a modern art and architecture session, where I was impressed by the design of Groenlândia, a commercial space in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which showcases modern design of whole body marble, solemn and beautiful. Finally, I decided to choose marble as the main material. However, the 40kg load capacity and the uncertainty factors during transportation increase marble cracking risk. Consider about this problem, we tried many different types of marble. Finally, we decided to make a design combining marble and tempered glass, which makes the floor TV stand not only sturdy but also retains the beauty of texture. We also invited art masters to deal with the marble texture, which is the origin of its name.

Host: In terms of functionality, what considerations have been made?

Giulio Wu: Oh yes, in addition to appearance, what people care most about is function. This equipment shows its functionality advantages by 3 dimensions. It has ingenious storage design. Wires can be stored through the post, and a well-designed back allows users to organize small items like wires and outlets. The magic magnets secure the double-sided cotton cloth to hide all of your items, which makes the back of this equipment still ornamental. It is adjustable, which ensures users a comfortable viewing angle by 38.6 - 46.5 inches adjustable height and ±20° swivel range. We will provide more color and texture options for the backplane in the future, and customers can change them according to their mood and decoration style.

Host: What is your favorite feature of this product? Why?

Giulio Wu: My favorite feature is the marble base, which is sturdy and beautiful and demonstrates the exquisite life attitude.

Host: What type of consumers would you recommend this product to?

Giulio Wu: I tend to recommend it to consumers who are pursuing individuality, pursuing an exquisite life, and have artistic appreciation.

Host: What kind of decoration style can this TV stand match?

Giulio Wu: I think it has a wide range of applications, such as modern, minimalist, and light luxury home furnishings, as well as stylish studios, cafes, and clothing stores.

Host: Thanks for your time. I believe now everyone has a better understanding of this product.