Is a home mobile TV stand practical?

mobile TV stand

Many people don't want the traditional TV cabinet, and feel that it is bulky and old-fashioned. I saw a variety of wonderful and magical furniture recommended by multiple platforms, including TV stand. It is simple, beautiful and convenient. It can be stretched and tilted in the living room, full of sense of technology. For smart home, I believe young people will like it. Let's take a look at the advantages of mobile TV stand!

Mobile TV stand is clean, simple and versatile, suitable for various decoration styles

Clean means that it is easy to clean, and it is not as inconvenient to clean as a TV cabinet. In addition, the mobile TV stand has a cable collection slot design, which can accommodate various lines and classify them reasonably without placing them in front of your eyes. Simplicity means that it does not occupy a large area like a TV cabinet. It is very small in the living room, but it must be the TV that it is matched with. Versatile means that the mobile TV stand can adapt to various decoration styles, and various favorite decorations can be placed beside it, such as Feng Shui paintings, green plants and other items that can sublimate the living room.

The mobile TV stand does not choose TV brands, and basically satisfies most TVs

As long as the hole distance, weight, and size of the TV are measured well, and the parameters of the TV stand are compared, and finally, just to be on the safe side, ask the customer service, basically there is no problem.

The mobile TV stand can be adjusted by tilting left and right, tilting up and down, and stretching back and forth

The multifunctional TV stand is the most convenient. It can be turned to the dining room when eating, and turned to the other side when nestled on the sofa. It can be stretched back and forth if you want to get closer. Compared with the rigidity of the TV cabinet, the TV stand is more free. The mobile TV stand also has its more unique advantages. It also has the characteristics of a wall mount, and can be raised and lowered easily and smoothly. However, the mobile TV stand is more suitable for public places such as company meetings, exhibition halls, hotels, supermarkets and hospitals, unless the home area is quite large.

Bold double columns for stable bearing, anodized anti-rust and anti-corrosion; industrial-grade universal movable pulley, silent and wear-resistant, step on and stop, push and go; multi-variable hole spacing is highly compatible, and can meet the needs of large-screen TVs, cameras, etc. at the same time An expansion device. Space is no longer limited, new favorite for home office, no-drilling design, push-pull and go, cold-rolled steel, easy lifting, 360-degree rotation, electrostatic spraying.

Mobile TV stand, multi-device linkage, one stand is enough. Disassembly-free lifting design, the height can be adjusted by pressing the marbles, the diameter of the steel pipe is thickened with double columns, the surface is electrostatically sprayed, anti-rust and anti-corrosion, the paint surface is uniform in color and texture, and is suitable for TV panels of all major brands. Porous position adjustment, large-screen TV is easy to hang, and the large-screen cart has passed the four-fold load-bearing test, which is smooth, unimpeded and wear-resistant.