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Master Series Symbolizing the Exquisite Taste of Urban Life

Master Series Symbolizing the Exquisite Taste of Urban Life

Unique Marble Design

The inspiration for this TV Stand comes from the design of Groenlândia, a commercial space in Sao Paulo, Brazil, known for its modern design featuring whole-body marble—an embodiment of solemnity and beauty. FITUEYES Designers made the deliberate choice of marble as the primary material, not only for its exquisite texture but also for its symbolism of elegance and nobility. To enhance durability and reduce the risk of cracking during shipping, FITUEYES designers opted for a design that combines marble and tempered glass. Furthermore, FITUEYES enlisted the expertise of artisans to enhance the texture, adding even more charm to the design.

Wide Use Range 

This versatile equipment finds its place not only in homes and offices but also in art studios, restaurants, and exhibition halls. Its unique design seamlessly integrates into various modern interior design styles.

Durable&Safe Materials

The equipment is constructed from high-quality steel and features 0.3-inch thick marble-patterned tempered glass, ensuring sturdiness and durability while safeguarding your TV from accidental drops. The circular design of the base and equipment column adds an extra layer of safety, eliminating concerns about sharp edges that could potentially harm children or pets.

Powerful Functions  

The FITUEYES TV Stand boasts an adjustable height range of 38.6 to 46.5 inches and a swivel range of ±20°, ensuring the most comfortable viewing angle for individuals of any height. It includes hidden wiring storage within the post and offers convenient storage for small items in the back. Wires can be neatly organized through the post, and the well-designed back allows for the storage and organization of items such as wires and outlets.

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