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Maximize Your TV Experience with FITUEYES Mobile TV Stand Guide

Mobile TV Stand

The era of smartphone apps has arrived, but there's still something uniquely comforting about watching TV on a traditional television. To enhance your TV viewing experience, imagine having a movable stand to hang your TV on. During the day, it can be conveniently tucked away, taking up no space at all, and at night, it can be effortlessly pulled out for immersive TV viewing. Enter the FITUEYES mobile TV stand on wheels – a sturdy and versatile solution with a high weight capacity and adjustable height.

FITUEYES Mobile TV Stand on Wheels: A Versatile Solution

From a frontal perspective, the top of the pillar features a rectangular shape adorned with four mounting holes, proudly displaying the FITUEYES logo. Assembling this stand is straightforward: insert two crossbars into the back of the bracket, align the screw holes, and secure them with screws. The front middle section is affixed using four screws.

Impressive Flexibility for Various TVs

This mobile TV stand offers impressive flexibility, accommodating various bracket hole distances with ease. It includes M6 and M8 diameter bolts, each available in two different lengths, along with two distinct height washers, making it compatible with both flat screens and curved screens. Additionally, the stand features cable management elements for a tidy setup.

Enjoy the Freedom of Movement

1. Ease of Movement: The FITUEYES mobile TV stand is remarkably easy to push, allowing you to position it inconspicuously anywhere in your home. When you need it, simply roll it out. The wheels operate smoothly and produce minimal noise, ensuring you won't disturb your neighbors, even when moving it at night.
2. Enhanced Viewing Experience: With the mobile TV stand, you can effortlessly bring your TV closer to your bed, creating a more immersive and enjoyable viewing experience. The ability to adjust the TV's proximity gives it a larger visual presence, enhancing your overall viewing pleasure. Whether you're relaxing in bed or watching TV in a room filled with furniture, this stand enables you to watch without causing disruptions to your family.
3. High Weight Capacity: The FITUEYES mobile TV stand can support up to 60KG and accommodate TVs up to 75 inches. By using this stand, you'll free up valuable floor space and elevate the TV's height, eliminating the need to look down while watching, resulting in a more comfortable viewing angle.
4. Versatile Placement: Even if you have a larger TV, such as a 55-inch screen, this stand allows you to easily move it into your bedroom and position it in front of your bed. The closer proximity creates a larger visual effect, delivering a sense of fullness. Watching TV up close in bed provides a luxurious and enjoyable feeling.

    Portability and Convenience

    The FITUEYES mobile TV stand is extremely portable, enabling you to watch TV anywhere in your home. Whether you want to keep tabs on the World Cup while working or enjoy captivating TV dramas, this stand grants you the freedom to do so. It's available in both white and black variants and includes a convenient storage shelf in the middle.


    In conclusion, the FITUEYES mobile TV stand on wheels offers flexibility, convenience, and enhanced comfort for your TV viewing experience. With its easy maneuverability, high weight capacity, and versatile placement options, it's a valuable addition to any home, allowing you to maximize your living space while enjoying your favorite shows and movies with ease.