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In the home office, FITUEYES TV stand serves as a multifunctional hub. It not only holds the TV for video conferences or breaks, but also offers storage for necessary paperwork and equipment. Its sleek design blends in seamlessly, adding a touch of professionalism. It's a practical, stylish addition to any home office!

- Comfortable Home Office

Floor  TV stand can be a game-changer. Instead of being confined to a computer screen, professionals can utilize a large screen to conduct video conferences, present reports, or even multitask. This stand allows the TV to be positioned at the perfect height for comfortable viewing, reducing neck and eye strain. It also offers flexibility, as it can be easily moved or adjusted according to the user's needs. This makes the home office experience more comfortable and efficient.

- Enhanced School Environment

A floor TV stand can significantly enhance this process. Teachers can use it to display educational videos, digital textbooks, or interactive learning programs. It's mobile, so it can be moved from room to room, making it a versatile tool for different subjects or age groups. The stand's adjustability ensures the TV is always at an optimal viewing height, improving the students' engagement and concentration levels.

- Hybrid Work and Study Setting 

In a setting where work and study coincide, a floor TV stand can prove to be invaluable. It can transform a living room into a makeshift conference room for work meetings or a classroom for remote learning. The stand enables the TV to be adjusted to the right height and angle for maximum visibility. It's also space-saving, allowing other furniture to be arranged around it without obstruction. With a floor TV stand, the transition between work and study becomes seamless and efficient.

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A leisurely afternoon tea in the parlor 🌿

🎉FITUEYES TV stand picasso series deserves a shout-out! Easy to assemble, space-saving, and comes with a cable clip for wire management. Perfect for small spaces and a clutter-free look!

Watch TV Show with family

It's super practical and elegant with its marble-look base!
We've installed it in the pool house and it's great because it rotates! I can't wait to watch my video yoga classes by the pool! 🧘‍♀️ or have a summer movie night... 💕🌸

Coffee time with friends

We didn’t originally put a TV in the kitchen but I absolutely love the new TV easel, it gives us the flexibility to easily move a TV into the kitchen if we need one…
It fits snugly into the corner of the room without the need for a bulky tv unit which is perfect for the kitchen! The Easel comes with a cable clip on the back of to hide messy wires… I’ve also hidden the sky box in my wicker basket ☺️

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Picasso FT65 Corner TV Stand Sale price$169.99
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Master FT60 Corner TV Stand Sale priceFrom $150.36 Regular price$169.98
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