New Luxury Cantor Series

The Cantor Series presents a harmonious fusion of high-quality metal and natural wood, exuding luxury and confidence. It embodies timeless design, blending subtlety with complexity, akin to a master cantor leading a choir towards perfection.

Supreme Luxury, Redefining Elegance

Solid Wood Grille

Elegant solid beech wood grilles, neatly arranged and standing upright, play with light and shadow, exuding an air of timeless refinement that enhances the quality of your home decor.

Brushed Aluminum Frame

Crafted with anodized brushed aluminum and featuring a quick, secure magnetic attachment, ensures that every detail is intricately refined.

Slate Base

With a deep appreciation for aesthetics, we have meticulously selected Italian stone slabs of exceptional artistic value. Each piece is carefully cut and polished with a dual curvature, presenting a flawless sense of luxury.